Digital Media Publishing Video Guide

The Video Guide is here to assist you in making videos for distribution on YouTube.

First, you will need decent video equipment. You may also need to have a team to assist you in creating your videos.

Quality sound and quality video will be very important to make your YouTube video one that stands the test of the next ten years. If you are creating a video for use in your office or for your company, then you may also want to consider privacy settings for your video.

Digital Media Publishing requires a keen eye and dedication to the project. Never put an unfinished video on the internet.

Once your project is complete, you can then start showing it to the masses. This can be done with advertising or by word of mouth. One very good way to get videos out there is with social media especially Facebook and Twitter.



We going to list some of the best gaming videos we have found.

The first one is a slot machine video from youtube, the video has get over 6000 views.

The next one i would like to mention is the free slots video from VegasParadise they also made the popular gaming video for Online Slots 

Here some other good ones:

The online slots gaming video can also been seen here:

and one that was made as a review video for online casino it's got amazing 29000 views on youtube:


E-mail us your best gaming videos and we might feature them here

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